Тerms & Conditions

Wolf Pride is the sole owner of the website and online shop www.wolf-pride.com.

A person registered on the website – www.wolf-pride.com, is called below the USER. By singing up or registering at www.wolf-pride.com, the USER automatically agrees with and accepts the terms and conditions of the website. Wolf Pride reserve its right to alter the contents of the present terms and they become valid at the moment of their publishing. Wolf Pride reserves its right to change the website layout and structure, which includes altering, repositioning or adding new elements.

By registering at Wolf Pride – www.wolf-pride.com, You as the USER agree that Wolf Pride may send you e-mails with to purpose to inform you about any changes, new products and offers, as well as current special offers. In case any of the terms are not valued by the USER, Wolf Pride reserve its right to deactivate your user profile and restrict access to the www.wolf-pride.com website. The present terms, which the USER agrees with and accepts at the moment of placing their order or at the moment of registering a personal profile on the www.wolf-pride.com website are to be considered an agreement between the two parties – Wolf Pride and the USER.
in case of order without registration Wolf Pride reserves its right to decline any refunds such as: money, clothes or items bought from www.wolf-pride.com.


Wolf Pride guarantees data confidentiality. Any private data related to the USER will not be published in plain text form. The USER takes the responsibility for the safety of his account credentials (username and password), as well as for all the actions placed through his account, either by him or by any third parties involved. For a more detailed information on our privacy policy and practices, please refer to the “Privacy Policy” section below.

Legal notice

Wolf Pride, as an owner of the store, gives you the allows you to load and review all materials, which are published on the website only for personal use and without any commercial intent. It is necessary for the USER to comply with any legal rights and their respective labels. The USER is not allowed to alter or change
Wolf Pride`s products in any way, to distribute, resell, copy or use them for any commercial purposes – the reuse of all the images, texts, or any other resources which are published on the www.wolf-pride.com website by unauthorized third parties to other websites is strictly forbidden!

Rules for using the Wolf Pride`s Clothing website

The user agrees to use the website only for reviewing, purchasing, following for any new offers and discounts, or using any contact information published on the website only as intended by the website owner. Any hacking attempts are strictly forbidden and would be logged in details, as well as are subject to legal action.

Prices and stock quantities

Wolf Pride reserves the right to change the prices of all listed products without any prior notice to the USER. The USER agrees to pay for the product on the price which was listed on the website at the time of placing the order. In the case of any technical mistakes Wolf Pride reserves the right to refuse processing of the order placed by the USER, and does not owe any kind of compensation to the USER, except to refund the amount charges paid by the USER, when such apply.

For any additional enquiries please use our contact us on info@wolf-pride.com

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